Clean, clear, warm, friendly

Experienced, full-time voice over artist. Broadcast quality recording studio equipped with SourceConnect, ipDTL, ISDN, Skype and phone patch capabilities.

I’m known for my upbeat nature, being incredibly easy to work with, quick turnaround times, exceptional attention to detail, and amazing sound quality that keeps clients coming back…sometimes even years later to piece in new material into an older project seamlessly.

Time is money, and in this business I understand clients have important deadlines to meet.  You can count on me for a prompt response and meeting your important milestones. I want our interaction to be the easiest part of your project…and maybe even your day!

Reach out! I would love to help you!

"Catherine Hunter is extremely dedicated, highly qualified, professional."

“Catherine Hunter is extremely dedicated, highly qualified, professional. She learned wholly new types of content for me and created some phenomenal audio tracks. The job was completed on time with a VERY tight schedule!” ~Tracy Menoza, Pearson Education

"Cathy Hunter is the first voiceover artist I would recommend when you need something fast, on-time, and on-budget!"

"Cathy Hunter is the first voiceover artist I would recommend when you need something fast, on-time, and on-budget! Cathy is extremely reliable and AMAZINGLY accurate. She not only can deliver the words from a script in a kind, caring, personable manner...but she also takes the time to understand the copy she's given. I would hire her again for sure!” ~Ryan Robbins, Voice User Interface Designer, Multimedia Specialist, Filmmaker

"She is one of the most reliable people I've had the pleasure of working with and delivers a great voice-over each time." 

“I've worked with Cathy on numerous projects over the past few years.  She is one of the most reliable people I've had the pleasure of working with and delivers a great voice-over each time.  Cathy is very personable, open to ideas and passionate about her work... which makes each collaboration a successful one!  I highly recommend her, as the project will be done right, on time and with the highest quality she consistently delivers.”

~ Scott DeFusco, Audio Production, Welltok, Inc.

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I’m a graduate of Nancy Wolfson’s Braintracks Audio “Acting for Advertising” and continue to study with Nancy to keep my technique top notch. I’ve also studied with Kay Bess, Lori AlanPat Fraley, Joan Baker, MaryLynn Wissner, Thom Pinto, and Elaine Clark.

If you’re looking for a great audiobook, I highly recommend author Shira Block’s, Limerence. You can easily find it on Audible, iTunes and Amazon. Check it out!

Since September 2016, I’ve been working with WGBH, Boston’s NPR radio station, voicing underwriting credits and introducing corporate sponsor testimonials.

When I’m not voicing projects myself, I assist my son, who is also a voice over artist.  So if you’re looking for a child/young teen voice, let me know! He’s voiced projects for Nintendo, Netflix, Stonyfield Yogurt, Eversource, UNICEF, United Way, Muskoka Woods, Funny or Die and Dreamworks to name a few.

For fun, I’ve appeared in front of the camera on Days of our Lives and in a “love advice” skit on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. As a former ice dancer and graduate of Skip Barber’s Racing School, I now fill my need for excitement and speed on a women’s ice hockey team playing left wing for the Goal Diggers.

Catherine Hunter, Female Voiceover Artist

A few voice over clients


How would I contact you for a project I need voiced?

Actually it’s pretty easy. You can fill in the form or contact me by my email or studio phone number.

What can I expect working with you?

I’m very professional and easy to chat with. Let me know what kind of project you have. The specs. Your budget. And most importantly, your time frame. I’m great about turning audio around very quickly, and will let you know in advance, if there are projects in the queue ahead of you.

What’s your recording studio like?

Actually, it’s a pretty tricked out place…custom designed to meet my needs in turning around premium audio quickly and consistently for my clients. The studio has Source Connect (it’s “certified”), ISDN, phone patch and Skype capabilities to meet the varying professional needs of clients. High quality audio can easily be sent in any format via FTP or WeTransfer.

What kind of microphone does you use?

Ooh, you’re getting personal! I actually have two to choose from…a Sennheiser MKH 416 and a Sterling ST59.

How do you bill me?

That’s also easy. I can send you an invoice via email or through PayPal. You and I would determine the budget/rate for your voice over project in advance of your job, along with any fixes or pick-ups that might be needed before I start recording. Depending on the size of the project and time that would be involved, there may be a deposit involved, but I promise…it would be easy to do.

How do I pay you for the amazing work you did for me?

It’s super easy. (See a theme here?) You can pay by check or credit card via PayPal.